Edith Wharton's Secret Door

Today, August 21, 2012, marks my quite-late-in-the-game admission to the blogosphere. Will blogging become a habit? And if so, will "maintainging my blog" keep me from doing "actual" work -- writing my book -- or will the blog become a welcome repository for all book un-related things, a place where I can download my distractions and thereby be done with them? Only time will tell.

Herewith, a photograph by my dear childhood friend Willy Somma, of the study in Edith Wharton's country home, The Mount. It suprised me to learn that such an exacting and moral writer had a taste for architectural chicanery. The door appears to open onto realms uknown -- but in fact it just goes to her living room. Perhaps my blog portal, so seemingly mysterious at the moment, will prove to be equally mundane.